+*B Diamond Drifter ++*B Becky's Tomahawk
GCH Diamond Toby's Zerlina 2*M
SGCH Klisse's GSMS Triumph Of Hope 3*M SG ++*B Gold Seal Moon Shadow
GCH Klisse's Glimmer Of Hope 2*M

Dam: SGCH Klisse's GSMS Triumph Of Hope 3*M

168 : INDEX #


COMMENTS: Epic is a large, long, level buck with excellent pasterns and smoothly blended throughout. He was the sire of the 2007 ADGA National Show Jr. Get-of-Sire. His littermate sister, GCH Klisse's DD Saga Of Hope 4*M 3-06 90 (EEEV), was 6th place Three Year-Old at the 2004 ADGA National Show and 7th place Two Year-Old in 2003. His maternal sisters also do very well; GCH Klisse's TE Brilliance Of Hope 4*M, was 5th place Two Year-Old at the 2004 ADGA National Show and with sister Saga, they were 1st place Produce-Of-Dam at the 2004 ADGA National Show; SGCH Klisse's AUDH Mercy Of Hope 4*M 3-08 89 (VEEE), was #2 for butterfat in 2001 and has two Best Doe-In-Show wins; Klisse's AUDH Ashes Of Hope 4*M is also a Breed Leader being #2, behind her dam, for both milk and fat, #3 for protein on the 2003 Top Ten List! Epic's dam, SGCH Klisse's GSMS Triumph Of Hope 3*M 7-04 93 (EEEE), was a long, tall, dairy doe, extremely correct in all respects; a four time ADGA National Champion, three time ADGA National Best Udder,  Reserve ADGA National Best Udder and the 2003 AGS National Champion. She consistently places in the top five for milk production and is #1 for milk and butterfat and #3 for protein in 2003 and has an impressive show record of 50xBest Doe-In-Show, 45xBest-Of-Breed, 15xGrand Champion and 4xReserve Grand Champion



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