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Marketing Semen


The Semen Clearing House is a broker of consigned semen, accepting semen inventory from both private, personal and commercial tanks, regardless of the processor or species. Semen Clearing House then makes this consigned inventory available for sale to those interested. You set the price, when it sells the sale price is split 50/50. Semen Clearing House provides a fast, convenient and cost effective means for the distribution of privately owned semen nationwide. To consign semen, simply fill out the Listing Form and remit it with full and complete payment and the semen to Semen Clearing House. Please telephone our office at 1 (877) 577-3636 for shipping instructions on your semen inventory.

One Time Listing Fee – $27.95 ~ This fee allows one quality supporting digital image, a two-generation pedigree with a link to USDA data (where applicable), and a 100-word description of the donor sire. 1 to 20 straws of semen may be consigned on any donor sire. When the semen inventory is sold out, you may add up to 20 more straws of semen from that same sire without paying another listing fee.

Per Cane Storage – $6.50 Fee ~ This affords the cost of liquid nitrogen for the storage of your consigned semen for one calendar year. Annual storage fees must be paid within 30 days of billing. Expired inventory, due to unpaid balances or the consignor’s failure to provide a means for the inventory to be returned within one calendar year, will become the property of the Semen Clearing House. To preserve the high viability of your semen only one sire to a cane is allowed.

Host Herd Discount – $17.95 ~ If you are a BIO-Genics, LTD Host Herd during their Fall Collection Tour, you have the opportunity to receive a discount on the One Time Listing Fee, paying just $17.95 per donor sire listed.

Multiple Sire Listing Discount – $20.00 ~ If you decide to list 10 or more sires with Semen Clearing House at one time, we will reduce the Listing Fee to just $20.00 per sire listed.

Commission Checks ~ Checks are issued annually and can be expected to be received by April 30th. All commissions are paid on a 50/50 split. The consignor determines the selling price of the product and receives 50% of that price, Semen Clearing House receives 50%.

Listing Form ~ In order to market your sire with Semen Clearing House, please complete the Listing Form and remit to Semen Clearing House with appropriate fees and semen inventory. Please telephone our office at 1 (877) 577-3636 for instructions on how to prepare and where to ship your inventory to. CLICK HERE to complete the Listing Form.