Our collection rates remain unchanged for the past several years:

  • $225 / First 30 straws (minimum)
  • $4.75 / straws 31 and up
  • $27.52 Fuel Surcharge

Please be reminded of our few requirements as we want to insure the successful collection of your bucks;

  • Synchronize and have available a minimum of one doe, in a standing heat, for every 3 bucks to be collected. It is recommended to program two does for every one you need.
  • If it becomes necessary to harvest more than the average number of ejaculates to render semen suitable for processing, additional charges may apply. You can help avoid these additional costs by working your buck(s), on a lead rope, 3-5 days prior to the date of collection observing him ejaculate 4-5 times, not just one or two.
  • All eggs must be fresh, 3 days or less, clean, washed and unrefrigerated. We will always use the freshest first. It is helpful if you mark each egg with the date it was layed.

As always, we have our “no freeze–no fees” policy. You will only be charged for semen which meets our minimum standard requirements and survives the freezing process. To insure your satisfaction of the semen’s viability, all semen processed and frozen must be viewed by a representative of your stop at approximately 10:00 am the day following collection, and prior to being transferred to your tank prior to our departure. 

If you are interested in having BIO-Genics, LLC collect for you, need more information, or wish to book a stop for your own farm, please call our office at (208) 756-6500, visit our website at www.biogenicsltd.com for our current tour route and host herd locations or e:mail us at contactus@biogenicsltd.com.

No Cancel Policy: As a courtesy to our customers, our Fall Collection Tour is booked months in advance. In an effort to accommodate as many Host Herds as possible in a season, those bookings are scheduled by our office consecutively according to location. For this reason we strictly enforce a “No Cancel” Policy. Once the Host Herd verbally confirms their request for the booking of a Collection Stop, they are committing to a 150 straw minimum purchase for that booking. If the Host Herd should for any reason cancel their booking of the Collection Stop, following their verbal telephone confirmation, they will be obligated to pay as agreed the 150 straw minimum fee according to the current pricing at the time of cancellation.

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