Our guarantee at BIO-Genics, LTD is to provide you the customer with the finest quality semen, insemination equipment and supplies. By carrying a wide variety of tools, we can meet any budget and level of technical experience, thereby assisting you in achieving successful conception in your AI attempts.

As we begin our Fall Collection Tour this year, we would like to outline our suggestions to insure a successful and productive collection experience. If you follow these simple guidelines, upon our arrival, your gentlemen will be well prepared and ready to go to work to the best of their ability.

ai guidelines 2If you are in, or are feeding hay from a selenium deficient area, consult your veterinarian as to the proper method of boosting your bucks selenium intake within ten weeks of our scheduled arrival. The most common method for this would be a Bo-Se injection appropriate to the animal’s weight at that ten week point.

Insure that your bucks are receiving adequate salt and mineral intake year round. Breeding activity and the condition of being in “rut” expends a tremendous amount of energy. These minerals are vital to healthy motility and a high sperm count.

Be sure that your bucks are in good weight and condition. Bucks that are too lean often cannot produce their optimum in quality or condition of semen. Bucks that are overweight are often lazy and less virile and will not work as hard for you.

In an effort to produce semen free of contamination, we request that all bucks presented for collection be shaved around and including the prepuce in an eight inch circular pattern. This, as well as trimming of his feet so that he may mount the doe repetitiously if necessary, should be done at least three days prior to our arrival, not the day of.

Work your bucks as much as possible by “hand breeding” them, on a lead, three to five days prior to our arrival. During the remaining days just before your collection date it is important that you do not use the buck. Using the animal during this time could negatively affect the quantity and quality of semen presented for freezing.

ai guidelinesWe will need a “tease doe” available for your bucks to work on. If you are having more than five bucks collected or if the doe is under one year of age, having more than one doe available and in heat will be necessary. If you are unsure of how to bring a doe to a standing heat for your collection date, consult with your veterinarian or call our office for assistance at (208) 756-6500. Request instruction on what can be used to assist you with the timing of your doe’s estrus cycle.

To insure your buck’s cooperation when we need it, it is very important that you do not allow your bucks to run with your does. Bucks who have willing “dates” are going to be unwilling to work on girls that may not be in a full standing heat. You will want him to give her his full attention when the time arrives. The possibility of your tease doe not being in a full heat always exists.

If you follow the above guidelines you should easily meet our 150 straw minimum requirement, with five to eight bucks. Bucks two to four years of age are at their prime for collection and usually will produce adequate quantities of semen for a full collection stop. All registered bucks must be tattooed with registration papers on site. Please have two unrefrigerated, washed and rinsed clean, fresh eggs (three or less days old, same day are best), preferably from range fed chickens, available per buck being collected. Fresh, quality eggs are vital for successful semen processing.

Please call the office or visit us at www.biogenicsltd.com for our current tour route and host herd locations. If you are interested in having BIO-Genics, LTD collect for you, need more information, or wish to book a stop for your own farm, email us at contactus@biogenicsltd.com or call our office at (208) 756-6500.

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