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B Olentangy Lance Tahoma #A1516531 BG Ind #A408

Mark Baden and I travel the same show circuit, so we know each other’s animals pretty well.  Lately, we have used similar bucks, and found that the lines cross well.  His beautiful SGCH Olentangy Fortune Trona 3*M 6-02 92 (EEEE) has long been a favorate of mine.  She is a doe that can stand up to, and win, over does like Tokay and Winseeker.  She has tremendus general appearance and depth, as well as a fun personality and striking color.  Adding in the production of freelance on the top of this pedigree made it very irresistible to me, so when he was offered at the Spotlight Sale, I decided to bring him home.

Tohoma is maturing into the beautiful buck that I Expected when I bought him.  He is living up to an impressive pedigree as well, with his first daughters having extremely correct general appearance and mammaries with excellent shape and attachments, and near ideal teats.  His twin milked over 3,200 lbs. as a two year-old, and scored FS92 (EEEE) as a three year-old.  Everything about this buck just keeps getting better.  Tahoma has been sold where he will hopefully produce lots of daughters on test. ~ Lauren Acton, DVM



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