B502 Triple M Boer Goats B-55 Ruddy 10578928 (Out of Stock)



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B502 Triple M Boer Goats B-55 Ruddy 10578928

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What a buck Ruddy has become! He is a physical specimen that transmits a look even better then himself. Tremendous width from front to rear, including width between the bocks is what is best!  With his pedigree featuring two crosses to Partner and fortified with Backdraft **ENNOBLED** 9/2010 (AK-47 & Ruger), his is delivering terrific offspring, long bodies, wide rear ends, excellent heads and horn set, and plenty of muscle and mass.  Whether you are looking for wonderfully patterned spots (with mass!), reds, or traditional you need to admire the performance in this buck.  It will be a very wise invenstment at acquire his genetics now, as we can guess the appreciation is going to rise even higher.  New owners of his offspring are already providing testimonials!

Bill & Sue Hobby


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