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Caprioles Xerox offers a chance for producers to use high-quality genetics from the Boer goat industry no matter if you’re looking for productive herd builders, show quality kids, or meat goats with muscle and marketability.

This buck’s ability to add muscle/shape, dimension and look are easily predictable in his offspring. His kids compete well, and consistently make the cut in large, competitive classes. They grow quickly, are very consistent in type and easily prove their genetic worth. His daughters are moderate with look and bone, and consistently meet or exceed breed standards. Their maternal value has easily made them some of our best does and future herd builders.

This mild-mannered buck’s lineage goes back to leading Northwest Boer herds, Capriole Goat Ranch and Dust Devil Ranch, and his pedigree is stacked with Ennoblements and a who’s who from these leading breeders. He is sired by Madi Kronos (OT) *Ennobled* and out of a Capriole’s Valor (OT) *Ennobled* daughter.

Xerox, himself, is very close to Ennoblement through the ABGA. He has thrown correct teats, pigment and bites, and has tested negative for CAE, CL, and Johne’s. His semen is priced to make a difference for Boer and meat goat herds!


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