C136 Klisse’s KCC Bear Berry ADGA AC1552953 (Out of Stock)



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C136 Klisse’s KCC Bear Berry ADGA AC1552953

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Bear’s dam, Klisse’s NSNN Cascara Berry 6-11 90 (VEEE), is a huge, long, level SG +*B Noble Springs Night Night daughter who has frustrated efforts to finish her by freshening only every other year and even earned a champion leg while dry! His maternal sister, Klisse’s KEOHLantanaCamaraBerry 1*M, LA’ed 4-02 91 (EEEV) this year and has two GCH legs. Lant was also the third place Two Year-Old at the 2012 ADGA National Show. Other maternal sisters include, Klisse’s KA Peach Berry, was 8th place Senior Yearling at the 2017 ADGA National Show; and Klisse’s KPOH Currant Berry, was 10th place Two Year-Old Milker.  His maternal grandsire, SG +*B Noble Springs Night Night, has been twice ADGA National Premier Sire. ~ Klisse Foster


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