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H009 Goat Knoll Orion

Orion is developing into a correct, strong buck. His micron count at 15.8u is within my parameter for acceptance into my herd. His daughters are showing size and thick fine fleeces, the first being micron tested this coming spring. He has won Grand Champion Cashmere Buck Fleece at the Cashmere Goat Association fleece show this year at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. His daughter, Caprette Gazza (Maggie), won Grand Champion Cashmere Doe at Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival, almost winning Diamond Award for Best Fiber Goat in the show, but missed it by a Micron. This is a great up and coming buck. Colors include black, badger patterns, grey with the occasional splash of white. Down colors tend towards grey. Orion is CAE negative.   ~ Barbara Fiorica


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