L456 Lucky Star’s Cai L1585890



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L456 Lucky Star’s Cai L1585890

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I’ll admit that I was getting fairly disillusioned with my LaManchas two years ago, and sold all the bucks except Tach, who was living in CA. So, I only bred a couple to a LaMancha buck, the rest I crossbred. Looking for high production, with good components, in a show doe with a strong and consistent pedigree isn’t easy. A friend suggested I look at this SGCH Lucky Star’s Lot Vivian 4*M 9-04 94 (EEEE) son (Okay, he got the buck and brought it to me. It was a very strong suggestion!) I relented, after all, having two FS93 does which also are Top Ten does in his immediate pedigree is tough to argue with. The fact that I personally know the does and the herds and respect them all just added to the package. Cai is a great young buck, with beautiful conformation, very tall with lots of bone, great feet and legs, a lovely “Saanen” rump, and a fun personality. The Cai kids are very promising – long, level, big and strong! They won 1st place Junior Get-Of-Sire at their first show, the Oregon State Fair, then followed that with 2nd place of 18 entries at the Washington State Fair. One of his daughters, SG Tempo Beatrix, was 2nd place/2nd Udder Four Year-Old at the 2017 ADGA National Show.  ~ Lauren Acton, DVM


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