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L558 Kastdemur’s Valentino

*B Kastdemur’s Valentino brings together some of the strongest blood lines in recent LaMancha history.  Starting with his dam line, there are six national class winners represented, beginning with SGCH Kastdemur’s Spring 1*M EX92 and ending with his Littermate sister Kastdemur’s Vera Wang, the 2018 ADGA National Junior Champion. On his dam’s sire line you have 2005 National Champion SGCH Kastdemur’s Slice 3*M EX93 and 2001 Reserve National Champion GSCH Kastdemur’s Seven-up 2*M EX91 represented. 

Valentino himself is a handsome youn buck, extremely uphill with a beautiful strong top line and long level rump.  His first kids are very promising, born huge — long, tall and upstanding with great bone.  To bad they were all bucks.  If you are looking for strong consisten dam lines coupled with strong, consisten sire lines, Valentino is your guy.


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