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N848 Urban Acres Charming Troubador N1601206

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Troubadour comes from very prepotent dam and sire lines.  His daughters are improved in dairy strength, style and angularity while exhibiting added depth and girth and a powerful frontend assembly over their dams.  Although his dam was not a heavy milker, Troubadour daugheters have shown to milk very well above their dams, with excellent persistence through a dusy show season and milk through winter without rebreeding.

As a breeder, one of his greatest strengths is his temperament – calm, quiet and easy to work with – traits he passes to his offspring.  His daughers are starting to prove themselves in the show arena.  At the 2017 ADGA National show, Troubadour was the sire of:

  • 2nd place/1st Udder Milking Yearling
  • 7th place Two Year-Old
  • 6th place Three Year-Old
  • 3rd place Senior Get-Of-Sire


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