X001 REF Tacoma 15GNY192Ref2



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X001 REF Tacoma 15GNY192Ref2

REF Tacoma is a fully registered GNY Genemaster buck. It takes three breedings of registered Fullblood Boer and purebred Kiko goats to achieve a Texas Genemaster. With Tacoma, you can get a Texas Genemaster in just one breeding. This is why the GNY Genemaster is also known as a “meat maker” buck. A Texas Genemaster has the body size and muscle mass of the boer goat, along with the remarkable mothering, disease and parasite resistance, strong hooves, and hardiness of the kiko. A Texas Genemaster is 5/8 boer and 3/8 kiko. If you are seeking an extremely healthy, fast growing and problem free goat, a Texas Genemaster is your answer. Cross REF Tacoma with a quality fullblood boer doe and you get the best all around meat goat possible. Tacoma is out of excellent Goats Unlimited Kiko stock and has MAUL Painted Warrior in his boer pedigree. He is DNA verified and tested negative for CL, CAE, and Johnes Disease. He is also disbudded.   ~ Rhonda Elliott


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