Discount of 10 straw collection for winner of daily motility



SKU: MOT (daily motility winner- 10 straw colection discount @ 4.75)

Product Description

For the serious producer our Binocular Microscope (M-902), halogen units with rheostat controls are available. These units include an added 100xR oil immersion objective for superb optical clarity. The viewing head has 30° inclined eyepieces with dual diopters and interpupillary adjustment. The Abbe condenser has rack & pinion focusing, iris diaphragm with two additional filters, green and yellow, which mount on the swing-out filter holder. In addition, the large built-in stage has a low profile, a ball-bearing mounted mechanical specimen holder with low-position coaxial controls and movement with graduations of 0.1mm for precise analysis.


  • Weight: 1 oz

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