A377 Redwood Hills X Rated Jambiya




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A377 Redwood Hills X Rated Jambiya

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Jambiya combines some of the best Alpine genetics available today. A combination of 2-time ADGA National Champion, SGCH Redwood Hills Rememberjambalya 4*M 5-03 91 (VEEE), 2005 and 2007 ADGA National Champion, and the 2009 ADGA Reserve National Champion, GCH Shining-Moon Sine Qua Non 4*M 5-03 93 (EEEE). He is producing daughters who are very level over the topline. They also have good teat size and placement, and smooth fore udders. Jambiya is best used on does who have high, wide rear udders.  ~ Patricia Spurgeon


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