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Wilbur is an outstanding Amani sire with incredible character in his head and a robust, well balanced body. He is particularly strong down his top and through his rear leg muscling. His style is typical of his sire, Amani Lancelot, who is proving to be one of the leading sires of the time.

Wilbur was the primary pick of Dirk Louw who assisted in the selection of the foundation bucks to come to the NUSSA flock being established here in the United States with Chalk Creek Boers.

At the 2007 Australian National Championships, Wilbur was awarded a fifth place in a large class reinforcing his position as a member of the selected few included in the Terraweena live export team sent on, from the Championships, to the US in July 2007.

Wilbur hails from the famous Australian Amani Stud, based largely on the genetics of Dirk Louw of Namibia. Dirk Louw genetics have already made their stamp world wide. Names such as “Lancelot” and “Atlantis” in Australia and “Freight Train” here in America, are already highly regarded and synonymous with quality.  ~ NUSAA


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