B831 Hobby Midnight Mojo F1681 (OT) #10745177



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B831 Hobby Midnight Mojo F1681 (OT) #10745177

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Hobby “Midnight Mojo” is the grand and great-grand son of two powerful bucks, KRG “Rugers Navajo” (OT) and Dow “Pipeline” *Ennobled.* Their genetics have translated into a muscular buck that has tremendous width through the chest and loins, level on the top and the correctness everyone is looking for with 1×1 teet, wide set eyes, and the roman nose. Now add to that twist of black genetics from great-grandfather “Mojo Magic” *Ennobled,* and you get “Midnight Mojo.”

“Midnight Mojo” has a calm disposition making him a herd and girl favorite. His first siring produced a 50/50 ratio of traditional, black headed, and black and white belted offspring.

Looking for show quality success? “Midnight Mojo” is 2 for 2 as ABGA Reserve Champion at both the Alameda County Fair and Oktoberfest.  ~ Bill Hobby


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