H011 Blue Barn Farm Krustoff




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H011 Blue Barn Farm Krustoff

Blue Barn Farm Kristoff is a young pure white Cashmere buck, 20.5 month old at the time of the draw. Powerful, agile and ruggedly handsome, with classic flowing guard hair and cashmere of excellent spinning length. Kristoff is the grandson of Liberty Sterling and Caprette Blue Bell through his sire, Slice O’Heaven Beau. Tru to his lineage, Kristoff is already proven to produce all white kids out of any color dam.

In March 2015, Kristoff who was himself a triplet, threw 8 white kids; four sets of twins out of four does – two black does, one tan doe and one white doe, all settled when he was only seven months old.

Kristoff’s kids began to grow cashmere early and are producing copious amounts of fiber. We are expecting noticeable herd improvement in length, volume and combed fleece weight.   ~ Catherine Lawson


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