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What lineage this buck has, Ranger’s dam, GCH Rowe’s Fenix Rosebud 5*M 10-04 90 (EEEE), 3rd generation EX, 3rd place Five Year-Old at the 1999 ADGA National Show; 3/4 brother to CH *B Rowe’s Minuteman Rembrandt, finished his championship as a yearling, was #8 on the USDA 2000 Sire Summary; 1/2 sister, GCH Rowe’s Maestro Margaret 7*M 5-05 93 (EEEE) DHIR 3-02 3310M 102F 97P, the 1999 ADGA National Champion and the Best Udder-Of-Breed; 3/4 sister, Rowe’s Minuteman Rosette 6*M 4-05 90 (VEVE) a 2002 Top Ten Breed Leader #4 for milk and #10 for protein; full sister, GCH Rowe’s Maestro Rosemarie 3-04 91 (EEEE), 3xGrand Champion, 1xReserve Grand Champion; full sister, GCH Rowe’s Maestro Rosemary II 6*M 3-04 91 (EEEE), 2xGrand Champion, 1xBest Doe-In-Show and 1xBest Udder-In-Show in 2000; his sire, GCH +*B Canyon View Mary’s Maestro AI 7-03 91 (EEE), also a 3rd generation EX, appraised EX at three, five and seven years of age, Premier Sire at the 1999 ADGA National Show, 2xBest Buck-In-Show in 2000 and 13xBest-Of-Breed.

Ranger is the sire of, SG White Hawk Ranger’s Jasmine 2*M, the 2002 Spotlight Sale Doe who is in the Top Ten for milk, butterfat and protein. Ranger is also the sire to SGCH White Hawk Ranger’s Jordan 2-02 87 (VV+V), 2nd place Junior Kid in 2003, 7th place 5&6 Year-Old in 2009, and 2nd place Aged Doe at the 2012 ADGA National Show and GCH White Hawk Rangers Juno 3*M 4-01 90 (EEEE), 5th place Two Year-Old at the 2003 ADGA National Show. Ranger sired the 5th place Intermediate Kid and 3rd place Senior Yearling at the 2004 ADGA National Show, at the 2005 ADGA Nationals he had the 5th place Junior Kid, 7th and 15th place Senior Yearling, 13th place Four Year-Old and the 3rd place Junior Get-Of-Sire. His son, CH White Hawk Ranger’s Fabio 2-03 90 (EEV) sired the 2003 ADGA Reserve Junior National Champion, SG White Hawk Fabio’s Katrina 1*M 3-02 90 (VEEE), and CH White Hawk Ranger’s Tecumseh 5-04 92 (EEE), is currently the only Toggenburg buck to linear appraise FS92. Ranger’s son, Fabio, and daughter, Juno, both received their permanent championships in 2004. Three of Ranger’s sons from 2004 and one son from 2005 were on the Young Sire Development list. In 2009, Ranger’s daughters had the following linear appraisal scores: two of his three year-old daughters received FS91; while the other three year-old received FS90; a yearling milker received FS89, while the other yearling appraised FS87. Ranger was also the 2004 All-American Three & Four Year-Old buck.

Semen from Ranger has been successfully exported to four continents: Thailand, Armenia, North America, and Ethiopia.  ~ Mike Korhonen



Sired 2012 ADGA National 2nd place Aged Doe
Sired 2009 ADGA National 7th place 5&6 Year-Old
Sired 2009 ADGA National 14th place 5&6 Year-Old
Sired 2006 ADGA National 15th place Two Year-Old
Sired 2005 ADGA National 5th place Junior Kid
Sired 2005 ADGA National 7th & 15th place Senior Yearlings
Sired 2005 ADGA National 3rd place Junior Get-Of-Sire
Sired 2005 ADGA National 13th place 4 Year-Old Milker
Sired 2004 ADGA National 2nd place Intermediate Kid
Sired 2004 ADGA National 5th place Intermediate Kid
Sired 2004 ADGA National 3rd place Senior Yearling
Sired 2004 ADGA National 12th place 3 Year-Old Milker
Sired 2003 ADGA National 2nd place Junior Kid
Sired 2003 ADGA National 5th place 2 Year-Old Milker
Sire of the 2002 Spotlight Sale Consignment
2000 Spotlight Sale Consignment
3/4 Brother to the 1999 ADGA National Champion
          and ADGA National Best Udder
Son of the 1999 ADGA National Toggenburg Premier Sire



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