SCH 383 GCH +*B Fra-Jac’s C/F Marmaduke



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SCH# 383 GCH +*B Fra-Jac’s C/F Marmaduke N525826

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Frosty Marvin was the most influential dairy buck of any breed. Marmaduke is a father/daughter breeding of Marvin bred to Jody. Jody classified 5-09 EX92 92/90/92/92 and milked 6-01 304 3050 143 4.7%. She produced at least three Spotlight Sale kids, including one sired by Marmaduke. Marmaduke was the foundation sire for the Will-O’-The-Wisp herd and produced several grand champion daughters. He improves mammaries, dairy strength, and general appearnce, including breed type.

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