SCH 157 4M Mugsy’s Classic 556 (Out of Stock)



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SCH #157 4M Mugsy’s Classic 556 ABGA #10313391

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Classic 556 has been working since we purchased him. Consequently, he has been shown lightly, yet still managed to earn ABGA points. He is a very useful buck to any breeding program. He starts with a beautiful breedy head and width between the eyes then continues into a quality horn set. He exhibits extension to his neck and ties into his shoulder ever so smoothly. The muscle expression down his topline starts full at the rack and doesn’t stop until the tail head. He is bold chested and clean fronted. He is proportionally balanced carrying good length from the hooks to the pins. He possesses incredible lean hard muscle shape throughout including a bulging butt. To bonus all these traits, he is above average when you consider how tall off the ground he is. I have seen many champion wethers that are paternal brothers and we own a Fullblood Show Ring Champion sister. We are looking forward to his first kid crop in Spring 2007.

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