SCH 158 CCBG Outlaw



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SCH #158 CCBG Outlaw #10165231

Outlaw is the direct result of our efforts to produce a stud buck that has tremendous mass, along with correct phenotype. He has a massive solid red head as well as superior length. He is extremely thick behind the shoulders with great spring of rib. His sire is the Ennobled TX02 L435 buck bred by Texas Boer Bok Stud. TX02 L435 is an own son of Rambo. Outlaw’s dam, Serena, is one of our leading does that consistently produces stud does and bucks. Serena is an own daughter of ennobled SGF KF42, an outstanding buck bred by Silvergate Farms. Outlaw has a proven show record with several ABGA Overall Grand Championships and his sons and daughters are already following in his hoofprints! If you are looking for smooth lines, jerk fronts, exceptionally strong heads and wonderful dispositions, Outlaw is your sire.

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